All-natural veteran housewife

Reserved, soft-spoken, and socially awkward at a glance, but secretly a sexual deviant. I’m the petite quiet girl with floral tattoos and an attitude that went from being a barracks bunny in the Marine Corps to the hot housewife that married her LCpl.

I’m a woman of many interests; baking, web-design, and writing are just to name a few- but don’t be fooled into thinking I’m a typical house wife. I spend most of my free time -that isn’t baking and smoking of course- playing video games or watching anime!

While I’m a free loving spirit, I have strong opinions when it comes to what I care deeply about. You’ll find me advocating for mental health, environmentalism, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights and much more on my social media in my down time.

If you like a woman with intelligence, razor sharp wit, and an intoxicating presence, I may just be the girl of your dreams. However, I’m very particular with the company I keep so be prepared to make your best impression if you wish to get the chance to meet me.