Your all-natural veteran housewife

Reserved, soft-spoken, and socially awkward at a glance, but secretly a sexual deviant. I’m the petite quiet girl with floral tattoos and an attitude that went from being a barracks bunny in the Marine Corps to the hot housewife that married her LCpl.

I’m a woman of many interests;

baking, web-design, and writing are just to name a few- but don’t be fooled into thinking I’m a typical housewife. I spend most of my free time -that isn’t baking and smoking of course- playing video games or watching anime!

While I’m a free loving spirit,

I have strong opinions when it comes to what I care deeply about. You’ll find me advocating for mental health, environmentalism, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights and much more on my social media in my down time.

Experiences & Rates

A public M&G to get acquainted for a bite to eat or drinks is required before I will consider seeing you in private, yes- even for topless maid services.

Topless Maid


an hour, 1 hour minimum, 6 hours maximum

Enjoy the view while I clean your private residence in a unique maid outfit that consists of an apron, headband, stockings, high heels and a thong but surprisingly missing a top entirely.

Sensual Massage


an hour, 1 hour minimum, 1.5 hours maximum

Full-body sensual oil massages are only available at private residences due to the fact bringing a massage table with me to a hotel is the opposite of discretion.

A Little More


an hour, 1 hour minimum, 4 hours maximum

If you are over 45 miles away from me there is a travel fee of 50 per 10 miles. Your private residence must be the same address on your picture ID or a 4+ star hotel.

Book Me for a Tryst

If you like a woman with intelligence, razor sharp wit, and an intoxicating presence, I may just be the girl of your dreams. However, I’m very particular with the company I keep so be prepared to make your best impression if you wish to get the chance to meet me.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Your real number, it’s to confirm your identity.
A selfie holding your uncensored Photo ID. Your face must be visible and your ID legible.
Specific address of the hotel or city if your residence.
I do not offer incalls, also- topless maid are only available at private residences as well as I cannot provide a massage table at hotels.
Max of 6 hours for topless maid services, 2 hours for sensual massages, and 4 for a little more.
Treat this like an interview because I WILL NOT reply to the bare minimum.
Your profile URL on, if you do not have one- I highly suggest you make one.

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